Wer noch schnell mal 3.333,33€ extra braucht, der muss den Powerflashern einfach nur einen „Interactive Developer“ liefern. Da helfen wir den Hamburg Kollegen gerne mit ein wenig Mundpropaganda. Mehr dazu hier: http://blog.powerflasher.de/

Reward for Interactive Developer

Want to earn extra money with little effort? Receive 3.333,33€ when you help us find a new interactive developer for our office in wonderful Hamburg! An easy job and easily earned money. If you know someone who fits our profile, just send us an email with his or her contact information or tell him or her to contact us an application to jobs (at) powerflasher (dot) de and tell them that they were sent by you. As soon as the contract is signed and after the probation time is fulfilled, your 3.333,33€ will be sent immediately.

Wir wünschen viel Erfolg bei der Suche !